• pianolessonmom

Starting Up Piano Lessons Again

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It had been almost eight years since I had given lessons, and I was starting it all up again. I was nervous, I was overwhelmed, I was apprehensive. I was also kinda broke.

Yep, that's why I got back into giving piano lessons. I needed additional income.

Here's the backstory to why I started giving piano lessons again: My husband and I were both on staff at a church. He was the main dude, and I was the music gal. It was stressful, but our family seemed to be thriving, life was good.

But let's just say that I sensed "change" in the air. I knew that at some point in the near future we would be making a shift from our church. The idea of both of us leaving at the same time seemed like it would be painful for our congregation. Both of us leaving at the same time would be even more painful for our budget.

It seemed prudent to find another source of income for me, but I still wanted to be home with my children. I was grateful to be able to work part time hours and I wanted to keep that same rhythm (pun intended) for our family. So what to do?

Cue piano lessons.

I had given piano lessons as a passionate, idealistic 19 year old. I taught piano for 15 years, with the main goal of passing on a love for music, with secondary goals of discovering the next child prodigy while pocketing a few dollars here and there.

But, with this restart (that happened a few years ago), I was now a 40 something Mom of three who just wanted to help pay the mortgage.

The funny thing that I discovered, though, was that, as I got back into piano lessons, I rediscovered that passion for passing on a love for music. I'm having great fun teaching private lessons and group classes. I'm loving spending more time myself at the piano (imagine that!).

So, if you are restarting giving piano lessons, welcome back. I'm guessing it might be for a similar reason, needing income -- especially if you are a 40something or a 60something.

Can I promise you something? You will love giving piano lessons again. Even though right now you are possibly trying to calculate exactly how many students you need, in order to pay your rent, you will fall in love with piano teaching again.

Yes, your mind might be on the bottom line, but your heart will soon be in those lessons. With that student. In that music.

So, welcome back, my piano teacher friend. I know it's hard and maybe even a little scary, but you're going to love it.

I promise.