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Confession: Piano Teacher MOM is harder than it looks

There is a short little fable about a cobbler (the shoemaker, not the desert LOL) that busily serves his village making sure everyone has just the right pair of shoes. But, alas, when he takes a moment to look at his own children, he realizes they are barefoot. While caring for everyone else, he has taken no time to ensure that his own children have the shoes they need.

Yeah, piano teacher, I'm going to end this post right here.

Just kidding. The truth is, I don't like that story one bit because it is a picture of me as a piano teacher.

Full confession: My kids rarely get a piano lesson from me. Ouch, ouch, and ouch.

It's not like I don't want to teach them. I truly do. My older kids are great when it comes to being taught by me. My younger one, well, sometimes he needs a little reminding that he has to respect his mom and his piano teacher.

But, overall, when we actually do the lessons, they go great.

The problem is doing the actual lesson.

Time is so limited, and I need every available slot in my lesson day to be filled with paying clients. So, that leaves me trying to do my own children's lessons at random times. And we all know how well that works.

So, I will admit, and it is actually embarrassing to admit this, that my children have not had a piano lesson from me in six months. And if they haven't had an actual lesson, you can imagine how much they've been practicing. (cue the crickets chirping)

Anyone else in the same boat? Why is that we can prioritize our student's lessons, we can prioritize planning special events, we can keep up a group Facebook page, but we can't seem to give our own child a 30 minute lesson?

I would argue that it is because I'm so busy driving those said children different places. And when I'm not driving them to places, I'm helping them with homework or reminding them to do their chores. And when I'm not doing those things, I'm busy working to help pay for all of those things in their lives that they enjoy.

So what is a piano lesson mom to do? What do you do?

How do you balance giving your own children lessons? How do you prioritize their piano practice, especially when YOU need the piano to give lessons?

Please share below in the comments any tips you have -- or share your particular struggle. We're in this together, I promise.

And I've got some tips and some strategies to help ME and you do this together beginning Monday, March 2. You're invited to join me for March's blog series on teaching our own children.

You'll get better at it. I'll get better at it.

Trust me, we'll be glad we did.