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Outsmart Overwhelm: The Planner I LOVE

Mom to 3 kids. Wife. Choir Director. Homeschooler. Interviewer. Social Media Director.

Piano Teacher.

These are just a few of my titles. I'm sure that if you were to jot down all of the things that you do, you would have a long list of titles too. Such is the nature of life, right?

The problem is, with all of those titles, overwhelm can creep in over and over again.

Back in the day, I tried to conquer the to-do list with my Palm Pilot (that's dating myself!). Until recently, I tried bullet journaling, a notecard system, and every planner you could possibly buy.

The problem was that I was always trying to figure out how to just get more done. And, yes, it would work for awhile, but I was missing a huge insight.

I didn't need to get more done -- I needed to get the right things done. That is a little bit of a crazy thought for an overachieving, perfectionist, busy bee like me. (Anyone relate?)

But, this wonderful mantra - the right things done - wasn't something that I could pull off on my own. I'm so grateful that I've found the tool that helps me do just that.

(Que the drumroll . . . )

Enter the Full Focus Planner. I absolutely LOVE this planner. Essentially, it helps me narrow down what my goals are for the year, and then break that in to quarterly targets. There are places for reflection, review, preview, and goal-setting. There are monthly layouts and there are daily pages.

Here's what makes this planner special: it is like a master working document for your life. I go back to this thing daily, and it keeps me on track with my goals and my priorities.

You see, multiple titles - Mom, friend, business owner - are awesome, until you can't focus on what you are supposed to do next. Or worse, when you are overwhelmed by all that must come next.

This planner helps me cut through the chatter in my head, the chatter on my calendar, and the chatter of my to-do list and it keeps me focused.

Piano Teacher Friend, I know that "piano teacher" isn't your only title. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to give this planner a try. I don't often recommend things on my blog, but when I do, you can know that it is because I have tested the product and have found it quite literally indispensable in my life.

If you're interested in giving it a try, you can find it here: Full Focused Planner.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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