• pianolessonmom

Ah, January, the Beginning

I love, love, LOVE January. It is cold. It is wintery. It is new. It is clean.

Yep. Clean. You know the way your house looks when you take the tree down? Empty? Bare? Clean?

I love that. It is a great metaphor for the start of the New Year. A clean slate, a new beginning. All the clichés you can think of.

But don't dismiss it just because this time of year is defined by all of those clichés. It is actually really true:

January is a GREAT time to start something new.

What idea has been percolating in your brain for awhile? What have you wanted to try with your piano lesson studio? What have you wanted to change in your business practices?

Now is the time, piano lesson friend. January is a natural time to refresh your policies, to tighten your business strategy. January is a natural time to organize your piano lesson space, to get things in order.

January is a natural time to recruit new students. January is a natural time to start a new class in your studio.

So, why don't you go for it? It's not too late. Seize the moment, the time of year, when everything is new, and just go for it.

A little change or a big change, I guarantee, your studio, your students, your business will be invigorated by the change. Most importantly -- you will be.

So, go for it. Try something new. It's January, after all

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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