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Keep Them Practicing During Christmas (And motivate them to come back in January)

OK, here's the truth.

Your students don't want to practice during Christmas time.

Your parents don't want to make their children practice during Christmas time.

So, what is a piano teacher to do?

If you're like me, the temptation is to just chalk it all up to the season and go with the flow. You can do that. Yes, you can.

Or, you can take another tact.

Make it fun. Make it rewarding. Make it something they want to do.

(Cue lightbulb "ding" as it goes off above my head).

Provide a practice incentive of some kind. I know, I know, practice incentives are kind of like bribing your students to practice. But, what other time of the year will they need MORE bribing, I mean incentive, to practice than during the BUSIEST time of the year?

So, come up with some sort of incentive. And if you're smart, you will tie that incentive in to January. Like they have to complete it and bring it back to you in January.

(And, if you're really smart, you will pop over to the shop and pick up the perfect little incentive for FREE -- using the coupon code "Joy". Boom - already done for you!)

Here's the thing. You want something that will motivate the students to practice but it also shouldn't be like super intense or overwhelming, or it just will not happen in December.

You also want something that is not going to totally exhaust your resources and time getting it ready. (Like cutting out a million little snowflakes that students earned to paste on to a wintery scene in their practice binder. Paper scraps everywhere -- ahem).

Keep it simple and motivating. Something that encourages even just a little bit of practicing during the month of December.

And make sure they have to return it to you, or redeem it, or check in, or whatever the case may be in January. Why? So they come back.

That's right. Students that worked on their incentive will want the reward at the end of it. Even if that reward is something simple like a piano pencil or one prize from your prize bin, they will want to come back and get it.

A third and final bonus to incentivizing your December? Even if your students don't do it, or don't finish it, at least they have it. That is your link to them during the month when everything else is a distraction. They are looking at your incentive program posted to their fridge or laying on the piano bench. And each time they look at it, they are thinking about their piano teacher.

That's pretty good constant exposure right there.

So, think about how you can incentivize your December. You'll be glad you did.

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