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Run to Conflict with Your Clients

Now, notice the title is not "Start a Conflict with Your Clients." Nope, that would be BAD for business. :)

I titled this "Run to Conflict" intentionally. Our natural tendency, or at least mine, is to do just the exact opposite.

A client is irritated with my make-up policy? Avoid the conversation.

A student is misbehaving - a lot - in lessons? Don't talk to the parent.

A client wonders why I haven't cashed her check? "Didn't get" the text.

A preschooler cries the entire lesson? Avoid bringing it up.

You see? Away from conflict is where we usually want to drift. Its just easier. Well, in the short term anyway.

But when we take on the attitude of "I'm gonna run to the conflict, and deal with it peacefully", boy howdy, things change fast.

You cut off misunderstanding.

You circumvent hurt feelings.

You cancel out irritation.

All by running to the conflict, instead of drifting away from it.

So, whether it is having a conversation you'd rather not have, or even admitting something to yourself that you'd rather not admit, do shrink back from it.

Run to it. Deal with it.

What do you need to deal with this week? What is something long overdue that you've been avoiding for awhile, and you must give it attention?

What are you going to deal with today? Yep, this very day.

Run to the conflict my Piano Teacher Friend. You'll be glad you did.

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