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Sorting Through All the Great Ideas

When I first began giving piano lessons over 20 years ago, I remember purchasing a big book that had a title similar to "The Big Book of Piano Lesson Games" or something like that. That thick ole binder thing was my go-to for making piano lessons fun.

That was it. That was my resource.

Fast forward 20 years later, and I'm telling you, "information overload" is an understatement. I can google search "Quarter Note Games where a Monkey is riding a spaceship" and something will come up. Well, maybe not.

My point is, there is SO MUCH out there, that piano teachers can get very bogged down with all of the options. I myself have fallen guilty to the blog surfing temptation, scrolling endlessly through idea after idea. Printing off game after game. Downloading worksheet after worksheet.

How does a normal human handle all of that information?

Be very clear on your teaching priorities.

That's right. The problem is that we get distracted by all of the ideas. We're like the proverbial dog who is distracted by squirrel after squirrel.

The squirrels are interesting, yes. The squirrels might even be great.

But they are still squirrels.

So, the way you keep from being distracted is knowing exactly what your teaching priorities are. Your teaching priorities are those things that you have decided are crucial for your lessons. Once you know your priorities, you can then allocate your time to those things that matter to you, as the teacher.

Let me put it this way: If you don't value ear training in your lessons, let your eyes glaze over the posts about ear training. Don't look at all the cute downloads or contemplate how you might incorporate that game into your already packed 30 minute lessons.

If you do value ear training, than search for it specifically. Search for "Ear Training Games for Preschoolers" and take your time there. Don't just wander through site after site, hoping to land on some ear training goldmine.

Instead, be deliberate about what your priorities are. Be deliberate about what you are looking for. And be deliberate about where you let your attention linger.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did

If you need help discerning what your priorities are for your students, check out this great resource: Effective Piano Lesson Planning: A Step by Step Guide.

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