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Rest, Piano Teacher, Rest

I'm writing this post on Saturday for publication on Sunday.

Why? Because I rest on Sunday.

Its part of my faith tradition to make Sunday a day of rest, but beyond that, I do it for a very simple reason:

I'm tired. And I need rest.

I'm sure you do to. If you are like most piano teachers, your piano teaching is just one of the many hats you wear. You wear several hats at once, I'm sure:





Business Owner


Dog Walker

Financial Planner



and the list goes on and on.

All this doing can make us very tired. Like, tired to the bone, tired.

And this tiredness affects our piano lesson business. It affects our teaching (obviously, its hard to smile at your student when you are yawning).

But, it also affects our business. We don't have the time and energy to properly enter our payments in our bookkeeping software. We don't have time to pull out our pencil and calculator to write out our monthly P&L.

And we have no energy to muster up enthusiasm for a marketing push. Go post flyers around time? Nah, maybe in a few days. Learn Instagram for advertising? Soon, very soon.

So your tiredness doesn't just add those bags under your eyes (um, looking in MY mirror now). Your tiredness drags your business down, slows down your momentum, and minimizes your teaching effectiveness.

The simple antidote to that? Rest.

Very simple. But not easy.

So, my dear Piano Teacher Friend, schedule rest. Choose to rest. Choose to take care of yourself beyond just making sure you brushed your teeth today.

Get true, genuine, physical and spiritual rest.

Trust me, you and your business, will be glad you did.

#WorkLifebalance #selfcare