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When Life Happens (Give the Lesson Anyway)

Before I begin, a little disclaimer . . .

I know there are events that happen in life that are truly devastating. Those times when you feel like the life has been knocked out of you and you cannot cope with what you are going through. Unfortunately, I know what that feels like.

In this post, I'm not talking about those times. Those devastating times require our full attention, and life just STOPS. You have no choice but to deal with what you are facing. Lots of grace there, my friend.

However, today I want to address those times when Life Happens, but it falls short of the devastating category.

Your child gets sent home after skipping a class.

You get in a fight with your husband.

You have a cold, or a headache, or __________.

Your house is a mess.

You get the gist and I know YOU KNOW what I mean. There are times when the first lesson of the day is looming and we feel like there is no way we can give a lesson. Maybe we spent the morning in tears or maybe we feel overwhelmed and want to crawl back in bed.

I get it, but I have some bad news.

You have to keep giving lessons anyway.

Here's why: you have to run your business well. That includes, and especially depends upon, you being consistent.

And consistency can't be dependent on whether or not you are ready for piano lessons, or you feel like giving piano lessons, or nothing else is distracting you.

Consistency is defined by you giving lessons on the weeks you said you would give lessons. Period.

Short of a mind-numbing migraine that keeps you in a darkened room, or a cold that is so gross you have to stick Kleenex up your nostrils (don't judge!), you just gotta give the lesson, my friend.

But here's the beauty of giving the lesson anyway -- many times, in the midst of giving your lessons anyway, things actually improve. You find yourself enjoying what you are doing. Your slight headache goes away because you're not thinking about it anymore (and a dose of ibuprofen helps too!).

You don't worry about your kid or your spouse because you are being in the moment, with your student. You aren't stressed about your messy house, because you are focused and centered on your student.

I can attest to the fact that when I don't want to give lessons -- almost every single time that I do it anyway, I end up glad I did.

So, the next time you are tempted to cancel, or skip, or not show up, or lock your door and pull down the blinds, pause and rethink that decision. Consistency is better.

Give the lesson anyway. You'll be glad you did.

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