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Proof You Need a Facebook Page for Your Piano Lessons

Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Or, to be more accurate, I have a love/hate relationship with my ADDICTION to Facebook. I have no problems with FB, just problems with my own obsession about it.

But, my personal failings aside, there is one thing I know: Every piano teacher should be on Facebook. Why? Because your clients are. And, almost more critically, your potential clients are.

Here's the deal: there are many people out there in the blogosphere who are arguing with great fervor that Facebook is dead! Millennials are leaving Facebook! Quick, try some of the other Social Media channels out there before its too late!

And they may be right, but the truth is -- Facebook may be declining among the younger age group, such as Generation Z -- the generation after the Millennials (Business Insider, January 2018) but Facebook is still going strong for those approaching middle age - the Gen-Xers.

And the Gen-Xers are most likely your primary demographic you are trying to reach. They are the parents.

They are the parents of the kids between 3 - 18. They are the parents who are right now thinking of getting their kiddo in lessons. They are the parents who are trying to give their child "one art and one sport" per semester. They are the ones on Facebook.

So, if you are trying to build your studio. If you are trying to build rapport in your studio. If you are trying to provide connection between your studio families, use Facebook.

I certainly advocate using multiple social media channels, but if you only use one? Make it Facebook.

That's where the bulk of your potential clients are hanging out, so it just makes sense.

And Facebook is very user friendly and very easy to set up. I recommend you set up a Facebook group for your current piano students/families and a Facebook business page for your business.

You can use the Facebook group for "insider" chit chat. Announcements, pictures of students, funny memes.

You can use the business page for your actual advertising. For the "potential client" information.

Both of those give you a good social media presence and gives you the opportunity to reach out to your current clients and the ones you are seeking out.

So, don't be scared by the "Facebook is dead!" hype. Regardless of what the new trendy social media channels are, the parents are still hanging out on Facebook. And even better, the grandparents are.

The truth is, the parents may be straddling Facebook and Instagram, but your grandparents, if they are on social media, are almost exclusively on Facebook. (Newsweek, February 2018) And those grandparents? They love to get little Johnny or little Jessica set up in piano lessons. Why wouldn't you advertise to them?

Whether you like Facebook or not, its where your potential clients are. Go for it -- set up a Facebook group and set up a Facebook business page. You'll be glad you did.

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