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How to Grow Your Studio in Summer (It's possible!)

Ever feel like it is difficult to maintain your studio in the summer, much less GROW it?

Summer is notoriously a rough patch for piano teachers. With so many students travelling, and with your own schedule strangely changing from week to week, it is easy to throw your hands up in the air, believing that you are just doomed for a rough summer. But, Piano Teacher Friend, don't believe it.

Let me give you my studio as a real life, real time example. I live in a VERY small town (like less than 5000 people small), and yet, I have already added three students to my studio this summer. In July. That's right -- the WORST month of the year for piano lessons.

And I have another trial lesson scheduled for this week, where a family is coming to check out lessons with the goal of starting immediately. In July? How is this possible?

It is possible, but it requires two simple things:

1. Keep giving lessons.

2. Keep advertising.

That's it. There's no magic trick to growing your studio in the summertime. You don't have to throw super exciting summer events. You don't have to change things wildly to get the attention of people who are already distracted by a summer schedule.

Nope, just keep giving lessons and keep advertising.

When you keep giving lessons, you have a studio for students to check out. I know that sounds like kind of a "duh" comment (quoting my seven year old there) but it is actually pretty important.

Let's say that a potential client calls you or emails you regarding lessons. First of all, if you aren't even giving lessons at the moment, you might not be checking your email or messages as consistently.

Nevertheless, the potential client contacts you about lessons. You get their message and you prepare to call them back. But, notice this: They are excited NOW. They are interested NOW. They are thinking about it NOW.

And then they receive a call from you where you tell them that you aren't giving lessons until LATER. Of course, you deliver the news cheerfully, and try to entice them with all of the fun things you are doing in the Fall, but it is a no go because they are interested in them NOW.

And in our on-demand, faster wi-fi, meet-my-needs-now culture, you will get lost in the shuffle of everything else in their life. That's just the way it is; a lot can happen for the potential client between now and then, and chances are good that they won't come back to you or they will find another teacher, or they will come up with something else that interests them.

But when you are currently giving lessons, you can instantly connect with the potential client. There is an actual lesson space for them to go to (or you can go to them). There is an actual piano teacher they can meet with. You can potentially meet the client's need when the client actually has the need.

So, keep giving lessons. When you give lessons, they take lessons. Easy as that.

The second thing you need to do is to keep on advertising. Particularly on social media. During the summer, potential clients often have a little more time to scroll their social media feed. That mom or dad sitting poolside during open swim, might spot your Facebook post and actually have time to read it.

How about those flyers you have up at the public library or on the community bulletin board outside the rec center? Summer means a little more leisure time, so as potential clients walk by, they might have more time to stop and take down your phone number.

Constant exposure to you, to your studio, to your advertising throughout the year, just might pay off during summer when they see it once more and have the time to act on it.

Remember, to grow your studio in summer, you don't have to go over the top, just keep on doing what you're doing. Keep giving lessons and keep advertising. You'll be glad you did.

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