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The Most Important 10 Minutes of Your Piano Lessons

Your last piano student just left. While some lessons were better than others, you've enjoyed your day for the most part. But you are tired.

And if you are like me, you either have to throw your kids in the car to rush off to karate class and tennis lessons, or you need to rush and start getting dinner on the table.

But, can I encourage you to just pause? If you can - if you have a small margin of time, press the pause button on your day.

And invest in the most important 10 minutes of your piano lessons: wrapping up the lesson day.

Your lessons aren't over yet. Yes, your students are gone, but your lessons aren't over until you've written out a few brief notes and straightened up your piano lesson space.

I know, I know, you're tired. You want to be done. You don't actually even want to think about piano lessons anymore, but can I convince you of something?

10 minutes at the end of your lesson day will save you 20 minutes the next day.

Here's why: jotting down some notes, either in your notebook or on your smartphone, when your thoughts are still fresh, is vital. Your conversation with that piano parent is still fresh. The scale handout your adult student requested is still on your mind. The fact that the "F" below middle C seemed to be sticking today is still bothering you.

Tomorrow? Well you probably won't remember much of it. Next week, when lessons resume? You definitely won't remember any of it.

Oh, you might remember that there was something you were supposed to remember, but that's not really helpful, is it?

So, save yourself a headache. Save yourself stress about what you might or might not be remembering, and write it down. Right after lessons.

And then how about your lesson space? Whether you have a dedicated piano room or you are renting a practice room located in a music store, or your piano is in the corner of your dining room, clean it up afterward.

Refile that extra assignment sheet you pulled out inadvertently. Put that music back in your bag. Make sure you have a pen and pencil ready to go and in their places.

Clean it up, and get the space ready for your next lessons. Why? It is so much easier to quickly straighten up now, again, while the day is still fresh in your mind, then trying to figure it out where you put this document or that document later.

So the most important 10 minutes of your lesson day? At the end.

Those 10 minutes at the end of your day, after the last student has left, set you up for organized, streamlined lessons the next day or next week.

Give yourself 10 minutes to end your day well. You'll be glad you did.

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