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What's on your Piano?

A friend of mine loves iced tea. My refreshing cold drink of choice, honestly, is either a glass of water or a can of Diet Coke (those two things are very different, I know).

My friend doesn't mind a big ole cup of iced tea sitting on the piano. I don't want my water or soda anywhere near it.

How about you? What's on your piano?

The way we keep our pianos speaks a lot to the organization of our lesson space. Whether you are giving lessons on a keyboard in the corner of your dining room or giving them from a full length grand piano in a dedicated music room, what is actually ON the piano speaks volumes.

But, I'll tell you a little secret -- what's on my piano during the week and what's on my piano during piano lessons is VERY different.

Truth be told, I'm writing this blog on a Saturday morning, and on my to-do list for the day is to go straighten up the piano room. I'm coming off of a two week break from piano lessons, during which I was also camping with my family, so what is on my piano is literally what I left there during the crazy week before break.

This moment, you will find:

1. Sheet music

2. File folders leftover from the music camp I held for my students.

3. Miscellaneous music camp curriculum that needs to be refiled.

4. A few Legos (I blame my son for that)

5. A bin full of supplies - crayons, pencils, glue sticks, scissors -- also from music camp.

6. A metronome

7. A John Grisham novel that I put there when I was cleaning off my dining room table.

I think the only part actually visible on my piano are the keys themselves, so, yeah, it doesn't exactly scream "Organized Professional Piano Teacher Here!"

But, that's just, you know real life. However, on my first day of piano lessons next week (which for me is on Tuesday). This is what you will find on my piano:

1. A small teacup with pens and pencils in it for me.

2. My lesson notebook and attendance sheet.

That's it. Everything else will be filed away (ok, moved to that drawer and squished in there), my piano will be dusted, and I will only have the supplies I absolutely need.

Why? Even music strewn around looks disorganized. And I want my clients to feel comfortable when they come in for their lesson.

So, Piano Teacher Friend, what's on your piano? Not, what would you like on it, but what is REALLY on it, right now.

Do you need to take a moment and straighten up? Do you need to clean and dust your space?

Take a moment and look at your piano lesson space through the eyes of your client. Then, do what you need to - dust, organize, clean.

You'll be glad you did.

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