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My July Piano Studio Goals (Part Two)

So, there you are, setting goals and outlining the microgoals needed to get there. Good for you!

I've worked on cleaning up my business financials -- that was Goal #1 for July. Here are my next two goals:

Goal #2: Plan Summer Camp #2

I hold two summer camps per year for my piano students. These summer camps are an alternative for families if their student is going to be missing some lessons due to summer travel. I also open these camps up to kids in the community. But, its coming up in just two weeks, so I better get movin' and finish my prep! Here are my microgoals for this:

2a. Pay for and download the lesson plans for the summer camp. This particular camp is a little bit more pricey that what I usually invest, but it looks like a great curriculum with fabulous resources so it is worth it to me. I just need to actually go to the website. Actually pay for it. Actually download it.

2b. Read through the lesson plans thoroughly and prep any of the work that needs to be done prior to the camp.

2c. Make a shopping list of whatever else I need and actually go to the store. (There's kind of a lot of things I need to actually do here).

2d. Finish advertising for the camp. You've done good old fashioned flyers, FB ads, and more. Schedule three more FB posts before the camp.

Whew! Yes, there's quite a bit of work there, but I have to do this. That camp is coming up whether I am ready or not, but when I make it my goal to prepare ahead of time, it will go so much better. And those microgoals make it happen in a timely and logical fashion. (All things that make my brain happy).

Moving on, my final goal for July is kind of embarrassing. Yep, I need to do what I'm always teaching other teachers to do: get organized to save time and money. So, drumroll please . . .

Goal #3 Create a system for organizing piano lesson games.

Here are my microgoals for this:

3a. Collect ALL music games you have for piano lessons. Everything from file folder games, to giant board games, to random sets of dice. Pull them from that 4th drawer in the upstairs filing cabinet, the armoire in the bathroom (totally not even joking here), the hutch in the dining room, and off of the floor behind the couch in the den. Put them in the center of your table.

3b. Do a quick sort by category. Games that could be used for multiple categories get a sticky note on them.

3c. Outline games in each category on a spreadsheet. Nerd out.

3d. Here's the fun part: make a bin for each category. (When I say make, I mean, go buy it at the dollar store and make a simple label for it. Yeah, I'm not actually manufacturing plastic here). Put all of the games for that category in the actual bin.

3e. Find great little spot to stack your labeled bins. That way, when you are in the middle of little Johnny's lesson and think, "He needs to play a game about intervals!", voila! You can find the game. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

OK, so I've listed out my three goals for my piano business in July. But, even more importantly, I've outlined my microgoals, as advised by Christy Wright in Business Boutique.

Because I have the big picture in mind, but the little steps needed to get there, this will totally happen.

And one more thing? You know all of those microgoals? I need to take each one and put them separately on my calendar. If I do not, they won't happen. They just won't.

So, dear Piano Teacher Friend, have you given some thought as to what you want to accomplish in your piano studio in July? Perhaps it is a marketing plan you need to design for the Fall? Perhaps it is to deep clean your piano lesson space because your students are all coming back in a few weeks?

Whatever your goal is, take time to write it down. Take time to think through all of the microgoals needed to get you there.

Believe me, you can totally do your goals in July. Let's both go for it, shall we?

We'll be glad we did!

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