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My July Piano Studio Goals (Part One)

One of the best ways to make traction in your studio is to set goals on a monthly basis. There are so many great resources out there on goal setting, but my favorite is guidance from Christy Wright, the author of Business Boutique.

We all know the idea of setting "SMART" goals -- specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. But Business Boutique takes it a step further by teaching us to set "microgoals." According to Christy Wright, the microgoals are those smaller tasks, the ones that need to get on your to-do list in order for your bigger goals to actually come to fruition.

You all know how busy life is, and wowsers, mine is no exception, so the maximum number of goals I set for my studio each month is three. I want to do ALL THE THINGS, but I just can't, so I try to set myself up for realistic achievement by determining only three things that I want to strive for in the month (in my studio).

And, personally, I like the number three, because my brain says, "Wahoo! There are four weeks, so that is one a week, with an extra week to spare!" I know, I'm weird, but I find giving myself some slack time helps even if I won't use it.

So, my goals AND microgoals for my studio this month are:

1. Clean up my business financials.

2. Prep my next Summer Camp.

3. Establish a system for organizing my piano lesson games.

(Why am I positive you're hung up on the business financials one? Curious, eh?)

OK, here are my microgoals for each of those:

1. Clean up my business financials.

1a. My banking institution informed me that the business savings account I've been using isn't actually a business savings account and I need to, legally, open another business savings account and transfer the money from the not-really-a-business-savings-account to the yes-you're-legitimate-business-savings-account. Make an appointment with my banker, Gail, and go in and take care of all of that mumbo jumbo.

1b. My business budget is set, but I've added a few new students and need to go adjust my income totals and, most importantly, my tax savings amount to be set aside. Accurate numbers, even if we don't like them, bring peace in our businesses.

1c. Really look at my expenditure line item for office supplies. I suspect I'm spending more on printer ink than I am noticing. Compare receipts with my budget and P&L for the last three months to get a handle on that. Even if I don't like it, phooey, I need to do something about it.

That's great! See how setting microgoals will help me reach my larger goal of cleaning up my business financials?

It may just seem like a glorified to-do list, but, that's kinda the point. Your goals for your business won't happen until you actually DO what it takes to reach them.

That's it for Goal #1. Check out Part Two, where I list the microgoals for Goals #2 and #3.

So, what are your business goals in July?

Think about them, and then list the microgoals you are going to reach for in order to accomplish the big one.

You'll be glad you did.

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