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Piano Teachers & Social Media: Where to Start

"Social Media Director". That's my volunteer job. Anyone who knows me really well knows how absolutely funny that is . . . Me. Social Media Director. Huh?

I volunteer for a non-profit organization that has a mission I really believe in. And so, when I first approached the president of the organization, I was an eager volunteer who wanted to give back. Willing to do anything, I just said "put me where you need me!" And they did.

They instantly asked me to be their Social Media Director. And, like the eager beaver I was, I gleefully said "sure!" but privately panicked about what that actually meant.

You see, at the time, I had a personal Facebook profile and that was it. I didn't tweet, I didn't snapchat, I didn't post, I didn't do anything else. Furthermore, I only checked my FB profile about once a week, so even there, I wasn't current.

I had no idea how to load videos, run promotions, or anything else that would be considered social media savvy. And here I was, now the newly minted "Social Media Director."

Where to start? I had no idea. So, I did what any self-respecting 42 year old who knows little about social media does:

I read "Social Media for Dummies." Cover to cover. Really. Don't even think about laughing.

The problem was, though, that every page I turned, it just raised more questions for me. The feeling of overwhelmed and unsure didn't lessen, it just got worse. It was like the more I learned about it, the harder it seemed.

So, I actually started off my new role dreading it. It was scary. It was unknown. I could never do it like the other organizations I saw. I could never do it well enough to warrant the title.

In the midst of the panic, the dread, the feeling of being overwhelmed, I did the only thing I could do. I started.

Yep. I started in social media. I decided to just start posting on the organization's existing FB page. For several weeks, that was all I did.

I set aside all that I didn't know and started just doing what I could. And I decided to learn, learn, learn, while keeping it simple and just doing it.

I researched writing engaging content. I watched webinars on how to use stock photos in your posts. I read blog posts on different ways to use Facebook to its greatest potential. And I did that again and again and again.

Then, after some time, I decided to start a Pinterest board and I tweaked our Twitter feed. Every time I learned a little bit more, I did a little bit more.

And, I haven't done it perfectly -- I still struggle with our Instagram feed (that's a bit of a long story), so I'm back to learning mode there. And sometimes I post content that I thought was great, but falls like a lead balloon. Other times I've had to quickly remove a post when it was brought to my attention that the information I put on there made no sense (embarrassing!)

But the point is, I'm doing it anyway.

Piano Teacher Friend, do you feel like you want to start something on social media for your studio but are overwhelmed and don't know where to start? I've got some brilliant advice for you:

Start anyway.

I mean it. Pick Facebook or Instagram and just start. Make a profile and start posting. Don't worry if you don't have like the most awesome logo ever. Don't worry if you don't know a thing about Facebook live or defining your audience.

Just start.

Then, once you have a bit of content on there (and it doesn't have to be perfect content, right?), invite your piano studio families to connect with you there. Ask them to like your page, or join your group, or follow you.

And then keep posting. Don't stop.

The reason why you aren't doing it now? It seems too confusing or like too much work, or maybe you just are scared like I was. But if it really is something that you want to do for your studio or that you think you should do for your studio (and yes, you actually should), than just do it.

Don't feel like you have to know everything first. You don't. You just have to start.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

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