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Why Oh Why Do You Give Lessons?

Its the end of the day. You've just had like, the longest afternoon ever. This student was cranky, that student was unprepared. You are a bit cranky, and you felt unprepared.

And then, you've got to cook dinner for your family and, of course, you forgot to thaw the chipper chicken. Your daughter needs help with her algebra homework (as if!) and your son has this "weird bump" that he is worried about.

Meanwhile, your headache throbs a bit more, and you wonder, "Why do I give these lessons?"

Why do you give those lessons? Do you know?

Because it really helps on days like I described above, to know why you give lessons. Actually, to know EXACTLY why you give lessons.

I've given this a lot of thought, because I admit, with my full life, I need to know WHY I am giving lessons. I've narrowed it down to three reasons:

1. For Me

I love to teach music. Piano teaching is one of those intuitive, "I feel-super-comfortable" things for me. It's work, yes, but it doesn't really feel like it. Plus, owning my own business, and all of the diligence and creativity that requires, gives me a sense of accomplishment and adds to my feeling of well-being.

2. For Us

I am blessed that my husband is the primary provider in our family and he has a great job. But I also really, really, really like the fact that I can bring some income into the household. Plus, its just awesome that I get to work from home. I know not everyone gets to do this, and I'm grateful that I can for my family.

3. For Them.

I genuinely like my students. From the tiniest tot to my most "seasoned" adult, they are an important part of my week. Pouring into them, encouraging them, and seeing them learn, especially when they have those "aha" moments, is hard to beat. So, believe it or not, I love to give lessons for them -- my students.

So, why do you give lessons? Your reasons might be different than mine, but that's exactly what you should discover -- YOUR reasons.

Think through your reasons. Articulate them. Remind yourself of them. You'll be glad you did.

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