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Want to Hate Giving Lessons? Do This

Giving piano lessons is great, isn't it? I love that I get to stay in my home and my clients come to me. I love that I get to start off with a little preschooler or a retired senior and watch them both delight in learning music. I love that I get to make my hobby my career.

But, there are ways to kill that love and kill it fast. In fact, I guarantee there is one thing that will change your love for giving lessons, faster than you can say "Play that chromatic scale again".

Wanna hate your lessons? Then be sure to:


Procrastinate on anything, but especially billing/bookkeeping.

Procrastination is generally a stressful enterprise, but when I do that with my billing or with my bookkeeping, it is disastrous. The pressure mounts, knowing that I need to send out invoices, or track payments, or fill out my monthly P&L. That stress can totally kill my love for teaching piano because it is always THERE. In the back of my mind.

And the more time you let pass, the worse it gets. The longer you wait, the bigger the pile of work becomes, and the more overwhelming it is.

Plus, it doesn't bode well for client/teacher relations. You absolutely don't have to be perfect, but you must maintain some level of professional business practices or it will leak all over your clients in a bad way.

Dear Piano Teacher, if you are reading this now and are starting to feel a little panicky about how much you have already procrastinated, I'm just going to say one thing: stop it. I say that with a wink and a grin, but a truly a pushy command that you must stop. Don't waste time feeling guilty about procrastinating.

Instead, resolve to start today. Resolve to start now. From this point on, no more procrastinating. You are a capable professional, and you've totally got this.

Stay on top of your business, keep loving it. You'll be glad you did.


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