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Be Clear. Be Very, Very Clear.

Quick . . . answer this question with the first thing that comes to your mind:

When do you offer piano lessons?

If you are like most piano teachers, you probably have a general idea of when -- like this:

"I give lessons a couple of days a week."


"Well it varies from week to week, but mostly I give lessons in the afternoons."

Piano teacher friend, that's all fine and good until you actually sit down and keep track of when you gave the lessons. All of a sudden you realize that you kind of ended up giving lessons a lot of times when it wasn't convenient for you. True, you have a good many students who are on regular days and times, but there is always a handful of students whose schedules are just whacky and you end up moving them around to different places.

And that's where the trouble begins. In an effort to be nice and accommodating, and because you actually do really enjoy your job, you can end up in this swirling vortex of odd lessons at all sorts of odd times. And that just wreaks havoc on your personal schedule, your brain, and your household.

But, there is a way to prevent all of this death and destruction. (OK, that might be overblowing it just a bit). Here's how:

Be clear. Be very, very clear.

About when you give lessons. And when you don't.

That way, when you have that random reschedule that needs to happen, you still make it work for YOU. You still make it fit into your overall lesson schedule.

And when a client asks you to give the lesson on a day that you don't actually give lessons? You politely and kindly say: "I'm sorry, I'm not available that day."

Now, here is your exercise. Fill in the blanks:

I give lessons on [day(s)__________________]

from [(starting time and ending time) ____________________].

These are the days that I am not available for lessons:

[(days) _________________________________].

Once you have that decided and declared, live by it. Like seriously, don't budge.

Be clear. Be very, very clear.

First with yourself and then with your clients.

You'll be glad you are!

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