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On Working Mothers

There are the work at home mothers -- those stay at home women who work long hours, day in and day out to care for their families and their households with excellence.

There are the work outside the home mothers -- those mommas that leave the house to go kill it in the workforce to care for their families and their households with excellence.

And there are the work from home mothers -- those women who strive to care for their families and their households with excellence while running a business from their homes.

All mothers work.

So, this post is not about honoring one over the other, because we are really all the same -- women who love our families and serve them in the way that we see as necessary and good for this season in our lives. And, plus, I'm betting every. single. one. of us falls to bed, equally tired at the end of the day. Guaranteed.

But I do want to specifically speak to those mommas who work from home. Girlfriend, you've got a challenge, don't you?

Figuring out how to care for the kids while working on your business. Keeping your house clean for your clients while also keeping it livable for your family. Balancing the never ending pull of business needs with the never ending pull of family needs.

And it never stops. You don't leave the house to go and concentrate primarily on work. And you don't leave work to go home and concentrate primarily on family. Its always a mishmash of this and that.

But, girlfriend, that's the life you've chosen and you can thrive in it. Trust me, you can.

Think about all of the blessings that are coming out off this. You are giving your family an income. You are teaching your children entrepreneurship. You are blessing your clients with musical ability and knowledge. You are making a difference in your community. You are fulfilling that part of you that wants to contribute and grow. You are able to actually stay home and earn money for your family.

You are killing it Momma! Even when your house is messy and you can't seem to get to that piano lesson project, you are still doing it.

So, today, rest in that. While others would be delighted to be able to be in your position, you are already there. Loving your family. Working hard on your business. Be grateful for this joy, this life, this challenge.

Happy Mother's Day!

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