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The Number #1 Tip for Great Lessons

There are some great piano teaching websites that give lots and lots of tips and resources for making your piano lessons great. Super cute worksheets, interactive games, pithy emails to parents, incentive programs, and much, much more all compete for earning a place in your studio.

And these great ideas can definitely be distracting. Either it is something you see on someone's blog, or it is something you hear about another teacher. There are always tons of great ideas out there.

But what if there was ONE thing you could do to make your lessons great? Just one thing that, if you gave your attention to it, would skyrocket your piano lessons to make them awesome?

Wouldn't you do it?

So, here it is, then . . . the #1 tip for great piano lessons:


(um, please don't be disappointed that that's it.)

Be YOU. Whomever you are, that makes you, well, you . . . be that really well. Whatever you do, that makes you, well, you . . . do that really well.

Are you naturally funny and quick witted? Well, dear piano teacher friend, be your funny self and watch your students fall in love with your funny nature.

Do you enjoy working through games and "off the bench" activities? Well, dear piano teacher friend, be your interactive self and watch your students gravitate toward your creative learning focus.

Are you intrinsically empathetic and genuinely care for your students? Well, dear piano teacher friend, be your warm, caring self and see how your students feel so comfortable around you.

Do you like to switch things up and have themes and incentive programs frequently? Well, dear piano teacher friend, be your inventive self and watch how your students look forward to what's coming up next.

You see, you can't be good at everything. I know you want to be. I know you sometimes think you should be. But, if you are a normal piano teacher, of the human variety, then you can't be a game wizard and an organizational genius and a creative soul and stand up comedian and a warm and fuzzy snuggle bug, and a . . . (you get the picture) all at the same time!

So, why don't you just keep it simple and be good at what you can be good at -- being you. Spend some time thinking through who you really are, not necessarily what your most critical client wants you to be or even who your biggest fan believes you to be, and instead, just be you.

But be you, really, really well.

Trust me, you will enjoy your lessons so much more and so will your students.

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