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Lessons Learned from our Karate Teacher

My kids take karate lessons from an awesome martial arts teacher. For the later evening class, the time is supposed to be from 7 - 8 p.m. The teaching is awesome, the class is fun, and my daughter loves every minute of it.

But, do you know what I love? The fact that her class gets out late every single time.

When my daughter comes out of the class sometimes 15 or even 30 minutes later than scheduled, the thing that is going through this momma's mind? "Hot dog! Extra time!" (yes, I do actually think "hot dog" -- I'm kind of a nerd) And I am then even more loyal to that class and teacher.

Our karate teacher could absolutely cut us off right at the 8:00 mark, but he doesn't. And I enjoy ever single extra minute my daughter gets with her awesome class.

Piano teachers, your clients feel the same way. When you go a few minutes over (if you don't have another client waiting, of course) and give them extra time, believe me, they notice. When you are accessible by text for music questions during the week or you respond to an email regarding a question about their assignment, they appreciate that. When you offer things in addition to your lessons -- like music parties or recitals or whatever, they like that.

The bottom line is, when you go above and beyond, they notice and they are grateful.

So, constantly ask yourself: how can I add value to my clients?

That's kind of what runs through my head throughout each lesson. I love my students and I want to show them that this is more than just a business for me.

I know you feel the same way.