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Piano Business (non)Perfection

I'm a wee bit of a perfectionist. But not the type where you walk in to my house and it looks magazine perfect.

Nope, as in the type where you walk into my house and it looks slightly like a grenade went off because I don't know where to begin because it must. be. perfect.

Anyone relate?

And, that's ok. I'm not judging, because, yeah, I need a lot of grace myself in this area. But there are times where that is actually a really big deal. And that's when it slows you down in your business.

You know what I mean, you wait to advertise until your logo is just right. Or you don't add that class until you have every possible supply in cute labeled bins. Or you don't start a blog until your website is finished (ahem).

But, here's the problem with that: there is ALWAYS some reason to wait. There is always something that could be done better.

Especially if you are a perfectionist. Your own nature will hold you back from succeeding in your business. Your own tendency to want to do it right, and well, and thoroughly, and and and and ... will keep you from getting it done.

So, my friend, stop it. I'm writing this with a smile on my face, but I really mean it -- stop it, now. You are, at worst, killing your business momentum with this perfectionism nonsense (I know, because I lean that way!) and at a minimum, slowing yourself way down because you can't bring yourself to do something imperfectly.

Think about those things that you are dreaming of doing in your piano lesson business? Just take a minute and brainstorm all of those things you've been waiting to start or add or do in your business. Are you waiting because you are actually procrastinating?

Now lets move from brainstorming (because, yep, that can be a form of procrastination until its perfect). Pick something right now. Pull out a sticky note, or a piece of paper and write it down at the top. Now list three things you can do this week to make it happen. Now circle which one you are going to do in the next 24 hours.

Start doing it. Start walking. You won't make it to the top of your business plan or goals, until you actually start stepping up that stairway.

Trust me, The perfection will never happen, but the good-enough will slowly unfold, and you will be so pleased that you did it.