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Piano Teacher Learning Curve

I am involved with a nonprofit organization that means a lot to me. After a year or two, I offered to help, in whatever way they needed. They asked me to be their Social Media Director.

Their what?

At the time, I had my own personal Facebook page and, yeah, that was it. I knew nothing about Twitter, Instagram, or anything else out there in the great big, wide web-o world. No idea.

So, of course, I said yes.

I started watching Youtube videos, and asking friends about "boosting" posts. I did an online webinar, and even read "Social Media Optimization for Dummies" from cover to cover. The learning curve was long and actually quite steep.

Every question I answered would lead to more questions. Every problem I solved brought up another one. At times it was completely frustrating and other times I would want to quit.

But I kept going. I'm now six months into it, and I still feel very strongly that I don't have much idea of what I'm doing, but I'm so glad I kept pressing on. I'm grateful to do it and I'm thankful for what I'm learning. I'm glad I didn't shirk away or avoid it because of the learning curve involved.

What are you needing to try in your business? What problem do you need to solve?

Do you need to come up with more efficient scheduling? Are you ready to branch out and advertise on social media?

If you're scared, but know in your gut you should go for it -- say yes anyway. Because here's the thing: the curvy road is the FUN one. Trust me, its way more fun than a long straight interstate highway.

Take the learning curve. You will be glad you did.