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Teaching, ahem, Your Own Kids

I have three awesome kids. They are just like your kids -- awesome most days, and a few days, not so much. And they have a great piano teacher in their mother.

When I show up.

You see, that's the problem. My hardest students to stay on top of? My own.

When your 12 year old daughter asks if you can please please please give her a lesson today because its been so long since you did? And then your 14 year old daughter argues that no, she doesn't want a lesson because she hasn't practiced in weeks? Yeah, that's a problem. (Note to their grandparents who are reading this: this is a hypothetical example. Not real. No way. Not my house. No. No. No. Well, maybe.)

But that's real life. I've talked with several other piano teachers and we all say the same thing: teaching our own kids is where we epic fail.

But, I do have a secret that works when I actually do it: schedule your own kids as students.

That's right. Your kid(s) get their very own time slot. You're not getting paid for it, and it might actually be one of your more stressful lessons (ahem), but at least you get to it.

Even better if you squeeze it in between other students. When it is at the beginning of your day or at the end, its just too easy to postpone it or not get to it. But when its in the middle, between student #4 and student #5, you will usually do it.

And treat them just like your other students -- same assignment sheets, same method books. Whatever you do with the paid folk, do it for your own kids. They deserve the same excellence, the same attention, the same standards.

Of course, giving them a big slobbery kiss at the end of the lesson is a good idea too.

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