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Two Lessons You MUST Have: Part Two

OK., so you have set aside an empty time slot for make up lessons. Give yourself a high five. That was a very wise move.

Now the other lesson you must have every week is a FREE one, for a deserving student that you are bartering with.

Yes, that's right: bartering. You know, the old fashioned, I'll give you some of my walnuts from my tree, you give me some eggs from your chicken (or something like that).

I started bartering lessons for someone else's services quite by accident and it turned out to be one of my BEST business decisions.

A friend of mine wanted lessons for her teenage son, and she wanted to trade her husband's professional photography services for my piano lesson services. When I thought about Christmas pictures and family portraits, and then sitting fees or even on-location fees from the photographer, I thought -- hey, why not?

Well, it turns out that the professional photographer husband guy, is also a graphic designer who does logos, and flyers, and special publications. He also is a videographer and editor who puts out super excellent work.

He decided he wanted to start expanding his portfolio of work, so guess what I got out of the deal? He designed my logo for my personal piano business -- awesome! He videotaped my welcome here on the website -- super cool! He created flyers for me for my local business -- awesome sauce!

All for a 30 minute lesson once a week for their son. I do what I do best, they give back what they do best, and it has turned out to be a win win for both of us.

Of course, we sat down at the beginning to talk money -- what were my services valued at, what were his and how could we make them compatible.

It has been so much fun to have all of this photography, videography, and graphic design done for me for "free" AND I have a great piano student to boot!

So, think about what you want or need in exchange for your services. Is it babysitting? House cleaning? Karate class? Something just for you?

Offer piano lessons in exchange. You will be glad you did!