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Two Lessons You MUST Have: Part One

So, if you're like most piano teachers, you have carefully calculated every single 30 minute or 60 minute lesson you have available, and you want to fill them with every possible student who is available.

But in between all of those paying students, you absolutely must squeeze in two very specific, and UNPAID lessons. Now, don't freak out . . . keep reading . . .

Number One: You MUST have an empty time slot for make up lessons.

Your make up policy is airtight, but then you have the adult student whose hand became infected after a scratch from his cat and he had emergency hand surgery at the last minute. (true story) Or you had the student who was skiing and tore something really important in her knee -- you don't quite remember the name of it -- but now she can't come to her lesson for a few weeks. (another true story)

Yes, most of the time you hold to your make up policy, whatever it is, but sometimes, you do have strange things come up that require you to be uber flexible. So, how do you show care and compassion to your struggling student while at the same time not completely fouling up your schedule?

Enter the "make up" time slot. Its always there, ready for you to offer it to a student. Its, of course, at the beginning or at the end of your teaching day, so if it isn't used, you're not just sitting there waiting. And if you do need it, voila!

No scrambling to rearrange your own crazy life.

No wondering how on earth you are going to make it up to them.

No feeling guilty because you feel like you "owe" them.

A simple empty time slot that you save, nay, protect for times like this. You will be glad you did!

And now for the other time slot you HAVE to have . . .

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