• Holly Kalton

Rest Hard

I know you work hard. If you're anything like the average piano teacher, you are probably balancing a household, a relationship, parenting, volunteer work, and perhaps even another job. You. Work. Hard.

But do you rest hard too? That's kind of a funny concept, but it is absolutely crucial for you to rest deliberately, intentionally, regularly, specifically, hard if you will, in order to go the distance in your business.

Why? Because overworked, overstressed, sleep deprived teachers are just not appealing. That's the hard truth. When you look and seem frenzied, because you actually are frenzied, you set your clients on edge. Or you start to seem disorganized. Or you give off the vibe of incapable.

And we know you are anything but all of those mean things up there, right? You do work hard and you are capable and you are organized.

So prove it. By resting hard.

And schedule it now. That's right, grab your calendar, or open up your calendar app. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Good. Now find sometime, in the next three months, when you will rest. That will look different for each one of us, but put it on your calendar now.

I know you scheduled your work. Now, schedule your rest.

Your clients will thank you for it. Your family will thank you for it. Your soul will thank you for it.

Ahh, now doesn't that feel better already?