• Holly Kalton

Help! I'm Sick!

So, yeah, I'm actually writing this post sick. I have a bad head cold. And yes, I gave lessons today.

You know what happens. You start to feel that tickle in the back of your throat, or that achy feeling and you think uh oh.

What do you do when you are the teacher and you are the one that is sick?

Well, first, you don't panic, because you already have a great payment policy in place, right? If not, check out my resource for teachers on crafting your payment policy. You know you will get paid no matter what, because, yes, you are a great piano teacher, but you are also a savvy entrepreneur.

But, there's still that sticky problem of what to do. Teach sick? Cancel lessons?

Trust me, your clients don't want to show up to your house and see all of your discarded tissues everywhere. Mama Bear doesn't want you coughing all over her child. Your retiree student doesn't want you sneezing next to his ear.

So what to do?

Let them choose.

Yep, you hear that right. Let the client choose. Give them the choice whether to come for lessons or not.

Shoot out a quick text or email that says this:

"Hi wonderful client . . . So, I have a cold. I still feel up to teaching and I'm really looking forward to your lesson. But, if you are not comfortable with that, just let me know, and I am happy to reschedule with you. Just wanted to give you a heads up so it could be your decision. Talk to you soon!"

When you put it out there like that, you are honoring your clients, letting them know that their health matters to you. You are, at the same time, encouraging them to come anyway.

And guess what will happen? Most will still come. Surprised? Most will. Most will have the attitude that "Hey, its not like we're French kissing or anything" and they will want to keep THEIR schedule the same.

And the few that decide to opt out? Well, yeah, its a little bit of trouble to reschedule, to fit them in other spots, but it is so worth it. Because you've communicated to them that you care more about them than about yourself.

Either way, whether they come or you have to reschedule, you've done something huge in spreading goodwill with your clients.

So, feeling a bit sniffly? Don't panic -- let them choose. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

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