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The #1 Mistake When Working from Home

It's funny. When you first dream up the idea of giving piano lessons out of your home (or any other self -run business for that matter), there are grand visions of what will come. First, its always dreams of BIG money. Nope, not a couple dollars here or there, but big, big money.

Then we have visions of ourselves being fully satisfied, thriving by working just a few hours a week, when all of a sudden clients or product or whatever suddenly appear. Its almost magical how everything in our world suddenly falls in to place when we work from home.

Yes, this is what we think. But, that would be a mistake. In fact, there is one BIG mistake I often see new (or even seasoned) piano teachers make when they decide to work from home . . .

Not counting the cost.

Oh, I know you've counted the cost, to them (them, meaning your clients!). You've dreamed of how much money you will make if you give 5 lessons a week or 500 lessons a week. But what about your cost?

The cost to you -- your time, your energy, your mental space.

The time it takes to straighten up before those students show up. The guilt you feel over not being able to do xyz because you are tied up in lessons. The mental energy it takes to know you have so many things to get done BEFORE that first student arrives.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these issues should keep you from starting a business out of your home. On the contrary, these issues, in fact are easily surmountable.

But not if you are surprised by them. If you are surprised by them, you will quickly second guess your decision. You will get tired and cranky. You might even, ahem, call in sick to your own piano lessons.

So, count the cost. Set aside the dreams of the new Roth IRA you are going to open up and instead really get real. Once you think through the obstacles you will face, then you can jump full in to your dreams knowing what to expect and, even more importantly, how to overcome the challenges.

You totally got this -- IF you think through what it is going to cost you.

Go for it!