You've had a long day of piano lessons and now YOUR people are hungry.  Here are some make-ahead and fast prep meal ideas, perfect for piano lesson days!  New meal ideas added each week!

Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo

This is one of my favorite meal ideas on piano lesson days.  Here's why:  when prepped ahead, it takes less than one minute to pull it together in the slow cooker, so I often put it in there between students.  Plus, my kids love it and literally can just scoop it out of the slow cooker the moment that last student leaves.  That's a win-win for me!

What you need:

Chicken Breasts (1 per person or so)

Pasta of your choice (my kids like Penne)

Olive Oil

Alfredo sauce (from a jar or homemade)

Prep ahead:

1.  Cook chicken breast with your favorite seasoning . Slice thinly when done.  Store in fridge.

2.  Boil pasta per package directions.  Drain, toss with a bit of olive oil (this will keep it from sticking).  Let cool and store in ziplock in fridge.  Important -- the pasta should be fully chilled when adding to slow cooker later.

Pull it together (between piano lessons!  Woot Woot!):

1. Slow cooker on low -- need roughly 3 hours.

2.  Important -- layer ingredients in this order:   chicken on the bottom of the slow cooker, pasta on top of chicken, pour sauce over it all.  


Variations:  Add a package of frozen broccoli to the bottom below the chicken.  (will thin out the sauce a bit).  

When it is done, your house smells yummy, your family is happy, and you are finished with piano lessons AND dinner.   Good job piano teacher, good job.  

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new meal idea here next week!

New meal idea here soon!

Every week, we will post a new meal idea to help YOU feed your people on piano lesson days.