Side Hustle vs. Main Hustle Part 2

Ok, so life happened …. now you need to move piano lessons from being something you do to "bring in a little extra money" to something that actually pays the mortgage. How do you go about that? After you've figured out your needed income (plus taxes) and your required time, it's time to go find those students! Here are three more strategies for moving this piano teaching gig to your main stream of income: 3. Think OUTSIDE of the box. It's time to dream up other ways to bring in revenue beyond the 30 minute lesson. Individual lessons are great, but you are stuck in a serious box with those -- 30 minutes, one student, flat fee per lesson. When you stay exclusively with just those types o

Side Hustle vs. Main Hustle Part 1

The term "side hustle" was first coined in the 1950s. It comes from a Dutch term meaning "to shake". You know, "shake a leg" and "get to work!". However you want to define it, we all know that it means this is meant to boost your income. And many, many piano teachers use it for exactly that -- to boost their household income. But what happens if you need piano lessons to be your main hustle? Meaning, you need them to not only pay for your child's soccer shoes, but also to pay the mortgage and groceries this month? Maybe you're in a place where you need to make more money through piano lessons. Maybe you need to make ALL the money from piano lessons. Here are six things to consider when

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