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December 9, 2019

The term "side hustle" was first coined in the 1950s.  It comes from a Dutch term meaning "to shake".  You know, "shake a leg" and "get to work!".

However you want to define it, we all know that it means this is meant to boost your income.  And many, many piano tea...

May 12, 2019

When I'm not coaching piano teachers (or giving piano lessons themselves), I work for an online ESL company as an interviewer.  For several hours a week, I meet with a prospective teacher in an online classroom and interview him or her to see if they would make a good...

January 3, 2019

I love, love, LOVE January.  It is cold.  It is wintery.  It is new.  It is clean.

Yep. Clean.  You know the way your house looks when you take the tree down?  Empty? Bare?  Clean?

I love that.  It is a great metaphor for the start of the New Yea...

November 28, 2018

OK, here's the truth. 

Your students don't want to practice during Christmas time.

Your parents don't want to make their children practice during Christmas time.

So, what is a piano teacher to do?

If you're like me, the temptation is to just chalk it all up to the season a...

November 25, 2018

Three quick questions for you:

1.  Do your piano students know your piano teaching schedule through the end of the year?

2.  Do your piano students know what is coming up in the next week in your lessons?

3.  Do your piano students know what happened last week in lessons?


September 26, 2018

If you belong to a gym, I'm willing to bet my beautiful metronome, that you pay at the beginning of the month, in full.  

Why?  Because your gym wants to make money.  If they were only paid when you showed, well, um . . . (never mine, I won't go there).

Gym members...

September 24, 2018

Years ago, as a young 20-something living in Long Beach, California, I was thrilled when a brand new, multi-level Gold's Gym was being built just a few blocks down from the apartment where my husband and I lived.  The gym was beautiful -- brand spankin' new, all glass...

September 22, 2018

You know what happens . . . the yellow school buses start travelling through the neighborhoods and it becomes inevitable:  your schedule starts to get shaky fast.

That's right folks.  It's Fall.  The time of back to school, Fall leaves, and crazy schedules.

Make no...

August 21, 2018

My youngest student ever was 3 years old.

My most "seasoned" student ever was 79 years old.  I have had the privilege of teaching dozens of senior adults over the last twenty years.  

How on earth does a piano teacher attract adult piano students?  Especially the ol...