Creator and owner of, Holly Kalton is a piano teacher and business coach for piano teachers -- the ultimate work-at-home entrepreneurs!  At the age of 19, she quit her job bagging groceries at the local supermarket in order to open her first piano studio in her parent's family room.  

She quickly realized that, apart from applying for a business license (which she needed her mom's help to do!), she knew how to teach piano, but not much about running a business.  Advertising was hit and miss, billing turned out to be a headache, and planning for business growth was not even on her radar.


Fast forward  20+ years, a lot of business training and loads of practical experience later, Holly still loves to give piano lessons but is equally passionate about piano teachers thrive in their home-based businesses.  


Holly earned her Bachelor's Degree from California State University, Long Beach and did post-graduate work at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.  She lives in the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California and gives piano lessons out of her home.


A mom to three awesome kids, Holly also is a 6th grade teacher.  Any spare time is spent doing dishes.  Yes, lots of dishes.